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What are Your Options for Missing Teeth?

close-up of woman’s laughing mouthLosing a tooth during your adult life can be a huge hit to your self-confidence. Whether you had it knocked out in an accident or it needed to be removed from decay, a toothless smile can be embarrassing for many. Fortunately, Total Dental Health Solutions specializes in cosmetic dentistry in Boulder, CO and we will help you restore your beautiful smile. Below are a few procedures that can be done to revive missing teeth.

Dental Implants: Dental implants can offer a long-term solution for missing teeth that is both strong and durable. Though the process is lengthy and requires multiple stages, you’ll end up with beautiful, realistic looking teeth that can last for decades.

Bridges: These devices help bridge the gap between missing teeth. Rather than being surgically implanted, bridges rely on the support of the adjacent teeth. Bridges can be a great option for those looking to restore their missing tooth but are wary of going under for a surgical procedure.

Dentures: If you have multiple missing teeth, dentures can be a fantastic option to restore the appearance of multiple teeth. Dentures are removable, so you will need to soak them in a solution when they are not in your mouth. Dentures will restore the look and function of a full set of teeth, and after a small adjustment period, they’ll feel just as natural as the real thing.

Taking Care of your Teeth and Gums during Pregnancy

Woman smiling with babyWhen you become pregnant, your hormones begin to increase and change. Not only do hormones affect the growth of your baby, but they can also alter your body’s chemistry to varying degrees. With your body rapidly changing to cater to your little one, it’s incredibly important to take care of your oral health during these next nine months.

If you’re planning on becoming pregnant, schedule an appointment with your dentist. This will ensure that your cleanings are up to date and any issues that are detected can be fixed before you are with child. Once your baby is on the way, be sure to keep up with regular flossing, brushing, and rinsing. Your gums can become swollen during pregnancy, which increases the risk of gingivitis and gum disease if the proper precautions are not taken.

Though uncommon, about 10% of pregnant women can experience pregnancy granulomas, purple growths on the gum tissue. Always make a point to brush your gums to prevent these issues as best as you can. Women can also experience loose teeth as your gums and muscles relax from the hormones, so be sure to schedule regular dental appointments to discuss the proper oral care routine for you.

If you’re looking for a family dentist in Westminster, Total Dental Health Solutions offers state-of-the-art dental care for men, women, and children of all ages. Schedule an appointment today by calling us at (303) 635-0100.

Oral Care Tips for Dental Implants

Dentists’ chair with tools ready for useDental implants in Denver can be a great way to regain your confidence and a full smile of pearly whites. Once you’ve gone through your implant surgery and are on the road to recovery and a gorgeous smile, it’s important to understand how to take care of your new teeth moving forward. The following steps will ensure that your implants will last for years to come.

  • Get into the habit of practicing good oral hygiene: You want to ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as possible, especially when your gums are still healing. Basic oral hygiene practices include brushing twice a day and flossing daily. You can use small interdental brushes to clean the hard-to-reach areas around your implant to keep it free of food and plaque.
  • Stop smoking: Smoking is detrimental to your health for a variety of reasons and can wreak havoc on your implants. This unhealthy habit weakens your bone structure and can cause implant failure over time.
  • Avoid hard foods: Chewing on hard food items such as ice or hard candies can potentially break both your natural teeth and the implant. Take great precautions when eating harder foods to ensure your implants stay intact.
  • Regularly visit your dentist: When you have dental implants, it’s important to stay up to date on your bi-yearly cleanings and exams. Visiting your dentist every six months will not only ensure the optimal dental health but allow you to discover and fix any issues with your implants promptly.