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Soda Versus Our Teeth (Spoiler Alert — Teeth Lose!)

Soda Vs Our TeethSodas are one of the most common drinks that people consume daily, despite its harmful properties. A soft drink every now and then certainly won’t cause any significant problems, but when ingested too often, it can lead to severe consequences. High-sugar beverages are not only associated with diabetes, weight gain, and obesity, but they’re also linked to cavities and teeth erosion. Any reputable dentist in Broomfield, CO, will tell you that there is no benefit to drinking soda.


What Soda Does to Your Teeth

As you consume soda, the sugar immediately begins to combine with the bacteria in your mouth. This interaction forms an acid that then starts to eat away at your teeth. This attack on your dental health can last for nearly half an hour, which means if you’re sipping soda all day, your teeth are consistently being eaten away by this acid. It will first strip your teeth of enamel and, in some cases, it can also affect the layer beneath — dentin.


Avoiding the Damage Caused by Soda

To avoid these adverse side effects, the obvious answer is to stop drinking soda. However, that is easier said than done. Many people get a soft drink when they go out to eat, to the movies, or to parties. Instead, you can take steps to lessen the damage. Don’t drink soda every day; use a straw to minimize contact with your teeth; avoid sugary drinks before bed since the acid will attack your teeth all night long; and, of course, visit the dentist regularly to ensure you catch problems before they worsen.