The Importance of Family Dentistry in Broomfield, CO

The health of your child’s primary teeth is essential, and teaching them how to practice oral care at a young age can help ensure their adult teeth grow in strong and healthy. At Total Dental Health Solutions, our dentist is always happy to work with and educate children of all ages on the importance of oral care.

Family dentistry in Broomfield, CO, is essential to the healthy development of your child’s teeth and gums. Children can begin going to the dentist as early as infancy before any teeth have grown in. It is also important to start incorporating an oral care routine at home. When nursing, you will want to wipe down the gums with gauze or soft, wet cloth to keep your child’s mouth clean. As they get older and begin developing teeth, be sure to purchase a baby toothbrush and toothpaste to use regularly.

Your child should have their first appointment for family dentistry in Broomfield, CO, by the time they are two years old. Taking your child to the dentist early can help them build a friendly relationship with the staff and a positive outlook on visiting the dentist. Regular appointments will keep your child’s teeth healthy as they grow. This is because the dentist will be removing plaque build-up and food debris that your child may have missed as they learn to brush properly.

A professional dentist will provide you with the necessary information to take care of your child’s teeth at home. They will show your child how to floss and brush properly. Your dentist will also keep you updated on the status of their teeth and offer information on proper eating habits for your children. It is essential to implement positive oral care habits at home to ensure they retain these habits for the rest of their life.

A child’s primary teeth are essential, and their condition will pave the path for their future dental health. For more information on family dentistry in Broomfield, CO, contact Total Dental Health Solutions today at (303) 635-0100. Our staff is friendly and respectful and will work with you and your child to provide the best oral care possible.