What is Gingivitis and How Can You Prevent It?

Prevent Gingivitis with the Help of our Broomfield Dentists

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease and is easily treated and reversed. Gum disease will occur when plaque accumulates and hardens on your gums, allowing the bacteria within the buildup to damage your gum tissue. The leading cause of this early stage of gum disease is a lack of proper oral hygiene. This includes infrequent brushing and flossing, and irregular visits to Broomfield dentists. Other factors can include tobacco, stress, poor nutrition, diabetes, and pregnancy.

If left untreated by any of your local Broomfield dentists, Gingivitis can eventually lead to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a more severe form of gum disease, where the body begins to fight back against the bacteria in the mouth. This results in the body turning on itself, destroying the bone and tissue that supports the teeth.

As the tissue breaks down, spaces begin to form, which separate the gums from the teeth. Over time, this can cause infections and tooth loss. Though the process of periodontitis is gruesome, it has very mild symptoms and can go unnoticed if you are not visiting Broomfield dentists regularly.

Gingivitis Symptoms

Symptoms of Gingivitis include the following:

  • Swollen gums
  • Soft, puffy gums
  • Receding gums
  • Tender gums
  • Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing
  • Gum color changes from pink to red
  • Bad breath

How to Prevent Gingivitis

One of the most important things you can do to prevent gingivitis is to schedule an appointment with local Broomfield dentists. A good, thorough dental cleaning can not only help prevent, but reverse any symptoms you are already experiencing.

Another crucial part of preventing Gingivitis is practicing good oral hygiene on your own. The American Dental Association recommends you brush twice per day and floss daily. Be sure to clean your tongue as well to ensure you catch all of the bacteria growing in your mouth.

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