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Coping with Sensitive Teeth During Pregnancy

Young pregnant woman caressing her bellyDuring pregnancy, many women have to contend with new health challenges. If you are a new mom, some of these challenges may surprise you. That is because many moms do not expect the tooth and gum pain that frequently accompanies pregnancy. However, the truth is that sensitive teeth are natural side effects of your body’s hormonal changes.

The reason your teeth and gums hurt while pregnant primarily has to do with your body’s defenses against bacteria. Pregnancy changes the way you respond to bacteria attacks, so your chances for periodontal infections are increased. Not only that, because you are experiencing increased blood flow, your gums can easily become swollen and painful.

The best way to combat these challenges is by upping your oral hygiene game. If you have been putting off your routine checkups, now is the time to pay a visit to your center for family dentistry in Broomfield, CO, and ask what you can do to protect your teeth and gums.

Aside from keeping up with your scheduled exams, it is a good idea to pay close attention to the foods that trigger the worst of the pain. Hot and cold foods are common culprits, as are sweets. Keep a list of potential triggers, so you know to avoid them while you are pregnant.

Pregnancy has many challenges, including dental ones. Prevent tooth pain with help from a dentist that specializes in family dentistry in Broomfield, CO. Contact Total Dental Health Solutions today to schedule an appointment.