Can You Go to the Emergency Room for Dental Care?

Dental X-raysIt is all too common for patients with dental problems to seek assistance in hospital emergency clinics rather than dental offices. Despite the best efforts of the current health care system, the fact remains that ER patients are receiving inadequate attention that should be filled by a Boulder, CO, dentist.

Whether fully covered by insurance, incomplete private insurance or no coverage at all, patients who frequently visit the hospital for dental problems are receiving inadequate care. Learn how visiting a dentist office for tooth, and gum-related emergencies are preferable to visiting a hospital.

Possible, but Not Optimal: the Cost of an ER Visit

From toothaches to avulsions caused by physical trauma, a hospital has the facilities, equipment, and personnel to stop infection and provide some relief. An emergency room can address dental problems; however, these services have a cost and give up quality in the process:

Financial: Many health insurance carriers, including basic Medicaid, do not include a dental plan. As such, many patients cannot afford to add a dentist to their general care. The alternative is visiting the ER, where costs are incurred for medical and emergency services.

Specialist Access: Hospital ER centers do not have a dentist on staff, which means that many patients are not receiving care or guidance from a specialist. As a consequence, ERs can only provide very basic care.

Short-Term Solutions: Barring procedures like tooth extractions, hospitals are equipped to cover basic dental needs, such as the treatment of toothaches through medication. Painkillers only provide momentary relief and run out: a revolving door that welcomes persistent problems.

Find a Dentist Office

Seeing a Boulder dentist regularly will provide long-term relief for your oral health concerns. By visiting a dentist, you will receive the care you need and reduce the likelihood of encountering an oral care emergency. Limiting ER visits and finding appropriate care will lower your overall costs and improve your health. Request an appointment and skip the ER line today by calling Total Dental Health Solutions at (303) 635-0100.