Changing the Way You Take Care of Your Teeth

Broomfield DentistDid you resolve to improve your dental hygiene this year? Good decision! Get started with these five tips on changing up your oral care from your local Broomfield dentist:

Invest in an Electric Toothbrush: While an electric toothbrush will cost you more, it will pay off big over time. The right model will give you a “just left the dentist” clean feeling every time and do more to remove stains and prevent decay.

Make Sure You Floss Correctly: Flossing daily is important, but it’s equally important to floss properly. Use a C-shape when flossing, and be sure to dip under the gums to get the hardest-to-reach places. Be careful not to floss too hard! Talk to your dentist if you’re not sure how to floss.

Rinse After Flossing: It’s recommended to brush your teeth after flossing. But if you’re flossing outside of your usual brushing time, be sure to rinse out your mouth well with water. Rinsing (or brushing) ensures you remove the debris loosened during flossing.

Keep a Toothbrush at Work: When you have food particles stuck in your teeth after lunch, you’ll be glad to have a toothbrush within reach. Keep it in a safe location and cover it to prevent dust and other particles from accumulating.

Brush Your Tongue Too: One dentist tip that’s often overlooked is brushing your tongue. By gently cleaning your tongue, you remove bacteria and keep your breath fresh. Make this part of your daily brushing habits, and you’ll notice a big difference.