Does Your Child Need an Orthodontist?

young girl at the dentistWhen it comes to orthodontics, the earlier treatment can begin, the better. By taking your child to an orthodontist in Broomfield, CO, at the first signs of issues, you can help limit suffering and the need for any major work in the future. But what signs should you look for? Here are five of the most common symptoms that your child is in need of orthodontic care:

Overbite or Underbite – When your child’s upper teeth overly protrude beyond the lower teeth—or their lower teeth overly protrude beyond the upper teeth—this indicates that they require some orthodontic care. Overbites and underbites can prevent your child from closing their mouth all the way, disrupt their bite, and cause additional wear and tear to both the teeth and gums.

Gaps Between Teeth – Gaps between permanent teeth can indicate a problem. These gaps aren’t just aesthetic problems that can hurt self-esteem and might suggest that teeth are growing in crooked or even missing.

Overcrowding – When teeth start to overlap, they can become quite difficult to clean. This can result in cavities as well as inhibit the growth of their neighboring teeth. Even functional teeth can have problems due to overcrowding, including chewing or even pain issues.

Biting Problems – If your child’s jaw produces a popping sound when they move it, it is time to visit your orthodontist. This sound or feeling can be associated with chewing, talking, or biting and usually indicates a problem with the jaw.

Breathing Problems – Difficulty breathing can be caused by many different issues and can manifest through mouth breathing, snoring, and other signs. Sometimes this problem is due to issues with the jaw or teeth. Have an orthodontist check to see if it is an issue they can address for you