How to Deal with Pain After Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Broomfield, CO

Getting Ready for Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Broomfield, CO

Wisdom tooth removal is a standard procedure that many people get at some point in their life. With technology today it is much better than before. Even so, the surgery can be straining on the jaw and, in some cases, cause a few issues. That is why dental offices like Total Dental Health Solutions have a team of highly experienced dentists to ensure wisdom tooth extractions in Broomfield, CO, go as smoothly as possible. One thing about teeth is that they are full of nerves, which means that you are likely to experience some degree of pain for a while after this procedure.

Dealing with the Pain

Besides the operation itself, there can be aftereffects from this operation, such as Trismus. This condition is also known as lockjaw which can result from trauma in the jaw muscles post-operation, and in some cases, an anesthetic needle damaging a nerve. The good news is there are several ways to help with the pain after a wisdom tooth extraction, such as:

  • Pain Medication
  • Cold Packs
  • Warm Compresses
  • Massages
  • Physical Therapy

Relying on an experienced dental professional to do the procedure means that you will have all the guidance, resources, and support to help you if you have any pain after wisdom tooth extractions. Contact Total Dental Health Solutions today to learn more about their dental services.