Learn About Dental X-Rays

Everyone who’s ever been to the dentist in Broomfield, CO, has probably had an x-ray done during their visit. Looking at where your teeth are and how they’re all interacting with each other will help the dentist understand how to best approach your specific dental requirements. Whether you’re going in for a cleaning or a check-up, getting an updated x-ray is essential to ensure your oral health is at its best.

There are several types of x-rays available to investigate your jaw, such as:

Bitewing X-Rays: These x-rays are typically taken every year to check for bone density and detect any dental cavities between your teeth..

Periapical X-Rays: This x-ray takes a picture of the fool tooth from the very top of the tooth (the crown).

Occlusal X-Rays: These x-rays take images of the roof or floor of the mouth for any of the following: extra teeth, impacted teeth, abnormalities, issues with the jaw, and any solid growths, such as tumors.

Panoramic X-Rays: These x-rays are typically taken every 3-5 years or can be taken by orthodontists to prep you for braces and by an oral surgeon if you need your wisdom teeth removed.

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