Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

Advice from Your Local Broomfield Dentist


Pregnant Woman

You’ll hear a great deal of health advice during your pregnancy. From what you eat to how you prepare for delivery, there is a lot of information to take in at once. One thing that often gets overlooked is caring for your teeth. Don’t be fooled, though — some of the hormone changes caused by pregnancy can increase your risk for things like gum disease. This can then have an adverse effect on your baby. To protect your smile and your child, follow some key tips from our Broomfield dentist:


Communicate – The first step to getting the best care is telling your dentist that you’re pregnant. This lets them tailor your treatment plan around your needs and any special instructions from other doctors.


Compromise – Many women experience challenges during pregnancy that make dental care harder. Morning sickness, for example, can often be triggered by strong-tasting toothpaste, and switching to a blander alternative tends to help. Your oral care team can provide advice and guidance on small changes that make a big difference.


Check-Up – Just like any other time, one of the best ways to look after your smile is to see your dental care provider regularly. From cleanings to exams, staying on top of any issues lets you stay healthy and reduce risks associated with pregnancy.