The Importance of Tooth Extractions for Broomfield, CO, Residents

Tooth Extractions in Broomfield, COThough it’s always preferable to keep the natural teeth, there are some situations where it simply isn’t possible. Occasionally, it can be more detrimental to keep a tooth than to lose it, which is why tooth extractions in Broomfield, CO, are so important. Dentists, like those at Total Dental Health Solutions, often have techniques to make the procedure painless, like anesthesia and numbing equipment. There are many reasons why this might be needed, such as severe issues after an accident if crowns, bridges, or veneers won’t work. Your dentist can determine whether this is the case.

One of the most common calls for tooth extractions is a severe infection. Because this can spread to other teeth, extraction may be the only way to stop it in its tracks if a root canal proves ineffective. Periodontal disease can also cause teeth to become loose, making removal necessary. Plus, when baby teeth or wisdom teeth are in the way, they might need to be removed so a new tooth can come in to lower the risk of overcrowding and infection. This is especially important for orthodontic treatment, so the teeth have room to realign and become straighter.