Whiten Your Teeth in Time for the Holidays

Whiten Your TeethWith the holidays fast on approach, there’s no shortage of things to do in preparation. In the scramble to clean, decorate, plan, and shop, there’s one area where you can easily invest in improving your festive experience — your oral health. Though it’s usually not the first thing on your mind during this busy time of year a visit to your dentist in Broomfield, CO, is the perfect way to get a brighter, whiter smile in time for all the joy of the season.


That said one appointment won’t erase months of stains, so here are two key tips to making your teeth sparkle in the lead-up to your favorite gatherings and events:


Avoid Staining Foods — One of the best ways to defend against dim smiles is by changing your diet. Cut down on coffee, soda, red wine, and other things that might leave you with less than whitest teeth. You can still enjoy these tasty drinks, but using a straw and employing a post-meal rinse can reduce the impact of stains.


Use At-Home Kits — Whitening is popular enough that many stores offer simple products that help you get brighter teeth on your own. These kits won’t usually accomplish everything that a professional could, but they give you a good head-start before your appointment.